Privacy policy

Who we are
Coinflip is owned by Cedric Kim.
What personal data we collect and why
Payment details (for customers of merchants on Coinflip)
We collect payment info from customers of merchants on Coinflip. This payment info is collected by Stripe with their embedded forms. Neither we or the merchant can see your full card number, but the merchant can see the brand of your card and the last 4 digits.
Bank account and identity details (for merchants on Coinflip)
Merchants submit their bank and identity details to Stripe so we can send payouts and be compliant with know-your-customer laws. We can't see any of this information.
Who we send your data to
Payment and bank details are directly sent to Stripe, and we aren't able to see this information. We don't have full access to your Stripe account ID, which is securely stored on your device. It's only sent to our servers when you create a charge or sign in.